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Building Services Testimonials

On October 13, 2017 our neighbor drove her car through the side of our garage compromising not only the wall of the garage, but also the main beam supporting the roof of the garage.  Responding emergency personnel advised us to contact SERVPRO to install temporary supports to our garage wall and ceiling.  There was also a gasoline spill, evergreens and bushes knocked out of the ground, damage to the arbor alongside the garage, and destruction of the fence between the garage and the arbor. Due to the damage to the garage wall, all the siding on that side of our house also had to be replaced.

SERVPRO responded quickly and efficiently to shore up the wall and ceiling, addressed the gasoline spill, and provided an estimate in a timely manner to perform the necessary repairs. They were ready to begin as soon as the insurance company agreed upon the estimate (which unfortunately took six weeks). Once they began the repairs they worked as quickly as the process would allow, always left the work site in a clean state, the staff were pleasant and on time, and always communicated with us so we would know what to expect and when.

In addition, they also took care of communications with the insurance company, the township inspectors, the architect, and engineering approvals.

We would have no difficulty in recommending SERVPRO if you have any sort of emergency to your home.

Dennis & Nancy Ritchie

Collegeville, PA